About Us

Jiangsu Yapu Pump Valve Co., Ltd has the main products including: pneumatic fluorine fluorine ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, electric fluorine fluorine valve, electric valve, PTFE valve, PTFE metal hose, PTFE compensator, PTFE bellows, fluorine plastic self-priming pump, CZ pump etc.. Yapu valve is the professional manufacturer with a variety of special materials, chemical industrial pump valve, Anti-corrosion pipeline.The company has been committed to the designs and manufactures of pump valve for so many years, has abundant production experience and excellent marketing reputation. Our manufacture strictly implements the enterprise mode of modernization, establishes the perfect management system of computer cyberspace. We have the whole set of the equipment of ingredients and die forming, some of devices has realized the digital automation. The product specifications are complete, having the five categories that include nearly a thousand kinds of the products of pumps, valves, pipes. Our application of new material forwards the frontier in the industry, based on the  Fluorine alloy invention patent by Shanghai Organic Chemistry Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, successively manufactures wear-resisting Fluorine alloy, anti-static Fluorine alloy, Super-tough Fluorine alloy, and temperature resistance Fluorine alloy, to further broaden the application of " the king of corrosion resistance". 

Our factory is located in Qiwei Town, Taixing City of Yangtze River Delta region, Changzhou City is on the other side of the river. Xinyi-changxing railway and Beijing-Shanghai expressway go through Taixing city, it is only 15 kilometer away from Shanghai-Nanjing expressway & Changzhou International Airport, as the transportation is so convenient. Our manufacture would like to take the opportunity of the development along the Yangtze river, establish the everlasting cooperation with the partners from home and abroad, make progress together, jointly create the brilliant future.